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A year already  |  August 28, 2008
Wow! A year went by already, and what a year it has been! I haven't done much in gaming or in running the store this year. About all I have managed to do game-wise is discover and play a few free browser based games. Click on the links below and join the battle for glory! (and earn me some gold to buy better gear!!)

A heresy in the dark  |  August 30, 2007
As mentioned in my last post, Warhammer 40,000: Dark Heresy is a soon-to-be-released role-playing game by Black Industries. One of my gamming buddies has started converting figures for our eventual campaign. Below is a sample of one such figure, and you will find the rest in my Warhammer 40,000 RP Gallery.

40,000 years to go...  |  August 20, 2007
Dark Heresy is a soon-to-be-released role-playing game by Black Industries set in a distant and bleak future. Fans of the Warhammer 40K universe by Games Workshop have been waiting for 20 years for this game and in February of 08 their wait will be over - Warhammer 40,000 Role-Play will arrive!! My gamming group are of those tortured souls that cant wait for this game. (more on this later)

In anticipation of its release, our interest in playing the battle game (WH40K for short) is growing too. I have been feverishly building an entirely new army - the Tau Empire. pace Marines (and Chaos Space Marines) have always been my favorites to play, but I thought change was needed. The "mechanized manga" look to the army is what instantly drew may attention to this race. I felt that one of the units in particular (the XV88 "Broadside" Battle Suit) was not executed as well as it could have been (and I'm apparently not alone) - the large shoulder-mounted rail-guns should have been mounted on the forearms. I have been working on my rendition of a conversion that I can easily apply to an entire squad. Here is a preview (photos did not turn out well- new ones coming soon!!):

The red highlighted areas are the parts that I removed. I re-used the shoulders from the smart missiles to graft onto the standard plastic arm allowing for the rail guns to clear the back pack assembly - which I mounted upside-down. I will take new photos with all the steps laid out and upload to my WH40K gallery later. I will also show the magnetic wargear that I have extensively used on all the battlesuits and tanks.

Back to my original topic WK40KRP: My minis collection is heavily slanted towards Dungeons & Dragons and Warhammer Fantasy Battle. While I do have an extensive Space Marine and Khornate army, as well as a Goliath and Scavvy Necromunda gang, there is very little that will be usable for a WH40KRP campain. One of my gaming group members has come to the rescue with some fantastic character models usable for PC and NPC alike!! I am working on getting a gallery of his contributions up shortly.

Heroclix  |  August 8, 2007
Battle Planner Image Library - HeroClix - Added Image Packs for Avengers, and updated the HeroClix Complete Library Image Pack with the latest sets.
bikini warrior time  |  July 27, 2007
I have just launched a new fan site for the upcoming computer game Warriors of Elysia called The Elysian Crown!! This is the sequel to the highly acclaimed Bikini Karate Babes. At the fan site you will find a behind the scenes image gallery, a fan art gallery, as well as game and character bios.
its a party!  |  July 11, 2007
Dungeons & Dragons Eberron Campaign Update - I've updated both the current and complete party rosters in the Dungeons & Dragons Eberron Image gallery.
Heroclix  |  July 10, 2007
Battle Planner Image Library - HeroClix - Added Image Packs for Origin, B.P.R.D., and Legion of Superheroes, and updated the HeroClix Complete Library Image Pack with the latest sets.
more lists!  |  January 30, 2007
Top Downloads - Updated the the Top Downloads page.
NEW PROJECT  |  January 26, 2007
Talisman - I've started work on a Talisman page for the Gameography section. Eventually, I will have an entire parts list, a showcase of all character miniatures, and a description of the conversions I made to the official minis and to the "stand-ins" that never had a official mini produced.
Workbench - I thought it would be fun to show the workbench where I paint my miniatures. There is actually a bit more to the left of the main station that I will show at a later time.


Rosters  |  January 7, 2007
Dungeons & Dragons Eberron Campaign Update - I've added a few things to the D&D Eberron Campaign section. The current and complete party rosters in the image gallery are now up to date. I also expanded the House Rules Section to include XP award guidelines.
Battle Planner Image Library - HeroClix - Added Image Packs for Days of Future Past and 2099
Battle Planner Image Library - Star Wars Miniatures - Added an Image Pack for Attack on Endor.
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Terrain Sampler - War Zone Gaming Terrain













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